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Top 10 Home Fitness Equipment to Stay in Shape

Staying in shape need not require expensive gym memberships or fitness classes. In fact, home gyms are becoming the norm today—thanks to readily-available equipment that anyone can afford or rent out.

Home fitness is also useful for busy people who don’t have the luxury of time to go to the gym, whether it’s due to long working hours, a busy family life, or they just can’t face the inevitable traffic jam that awaits them on the gym commute.

To successfully build your very own home gym, here are our top 10 fitness equipment recommendations

1. Rowing Machine

Rowing machine

Image from Indoor Sport Services

A rowing machine may be fundamental to every rower’s training and testing programme, but any aspiring athlete or fitness enthusiast can also use it or just about anyone who wants to do a full-body, low-impact workout.

Indoor rowing will work your upper and lower limbs, core, and back, and does wonders for your cardiovascular health as well.

2. Treadmill


Image from Indoor Sport Services

Cardio is perhaps one of the first exercises you need to do—making a treadmill a must-have if you plan to have your own gym at home. Get one that is slim and easy to store, so it’s not too bulky and won’t take up too much space in your home.

Preferably, you want a treadmill that can give you a range of workout options, along with a display that shows your speed, distance, calories, and step count.

3. Stationary Bike

Stationary Bike

Image from Indoor Sport Services

There’s no denying that biking is better done outdoors, but for you who has limited time every day or can’t face the weather, a stationary bike is the next best thing. Even when you’re indoors, you can still recreate the feel of riding along the open road with the right bike.

Get one or rent an exercise bike that provides lower body resistance through customisable preferences like an adjustable saddle, handlebars, and pedals.

4. Elliptical Machine

Elliptical Machine

Image from Men's Health

These machines simulate activities like stair climbing, walking, or running minus the excessive pressure to the joints. Low-impact cardio from ellipticals helps decrease the risk of injuries, which is also why people with injuries use these to train.

An ideal elliptical trainer is one with adjustable pedals, stride, and incline to provide different levels of resistance.

5. Dumbbells


Image from Again Faster Equipment

Dumbbells are an essential strength-training tool for anyone who wants to train or prepare for a competition or needs to recover from an injury. However, it can also be used for cardio such as when doing dumbbell swings.

Ideally, have a variety of weights ranging between five and 25 kg. Make sure that it also has enough grip to avoid slippage.

6. Kettlebell


Image from Again Faster Equipment

Kettlebells are one of the most functional pieces of gym equipment, making it a must-have. It helps you improve your strength and stability. It’s also good for everyone since kettlebells train core-to-extremity motor patterns.

Do some goblet squats, swings, or single-leg deadlifts, as this equipment will let you do a ton of work even with limited space.

7. Exercise Mat

Exercise Mat


Image from Again Faster Equipment

An exercise mat isn’t only useful in maintaining the right yoga pose. You can also use a mat as a solid base when doing basic stretches before a workout. After all, you wouldn’t want to be sliding all over the place when you want to stay still or feel the hard floor on your hands or knees.

However, it is essential to get a mat that will stick to the floor and have a padded side to support your body.

8. Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball

Image from Greatist

There is a reason exercise balls are essential in Pilates—it works on your posture, balance, and stability, as you push yourself to work your abdominal muscles, and help you stretch, as well.

Aside from Pilates, stability balls are also used in physical therapy clinics. The classic exercise ball should have a durable, textured rubber for better grip.

9. Jump Rope

Jump Rope

Image from Again Faster Equipment

Jumping rope has been found to burn as many calories as running a 7:30 mile. In fact, just 10 minutes of doing this exercise is already equivalent to a 30-minute jog. So, if you want to have an effective workout that can also be fun, you need to have jump ropes in your home gym.

But don’t just get any kind—have one that is durable and has comfortable handles and smooth rotation.

10. Pull-up Bars

Pull-up Bars

Image from Again Faster Equipment

Pull-ups are a simple and effective way to strengthen and develop coordination between your joints and muscles—although doing it is anything but simple.

A pull-up bar, therefore, is a smart investment for your home gym. Wedge it on top of the doorframe and do your preferred back and bicep exercise.

Get Into the Healthy Lifestyle Today

Without a doubt, setting up your own gym at home is a lot easier than paying for a membership, and in the long run, much cheaper. Not only does it eliminate the need to travel every time, but you also have control of your time because you can do your workouts when it’s most convenient for you, no more fighting for equipment or dealing with sloppy gym-goers. Remember that exercising is not only done to achieve your ideal body and weight, but also your ideal health.

Indoor Sport Services is your guide in setting up your home gym. They offer a wide variety of home fitness machines available for short or long term hire, so you can get the set-up you need without the cost.

Published at: 05-11-2019

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