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8 Types of Workout to Target Your Problem Areas

There's no shortage of fitness information available online. However, with myriads of elaborate moves recommended by countless fitness enthusiasts, it can be difficult to determine which ones are suitable for you.

It's also vital to note that while all workouts are essentially good for your overall well-being, not all workouts deliver results that meet your goals. Everybody has a different set of objectives, which is why it's important to identify yours before selecting the types of workout to include in your fitness regimen with the right set of fitness equipment.

Moreover, make sure you include isolation exercises in your routine in addition to a full body workout. These targeted exercises work specific parts of your body, allowing your frame to stay proportioned.

To help you get started, here are several expert-approved exercises that target common problem areas. 

1. Mountain Climbers for Belly Fat

This exercise strengthens the core while boosting fat loss in the midsection. Start in a plank position, evenly distributing weight between toes and hands. Keep head aligned with the body, back flat, pelvis still, and hands shoulder-width apart. Next, pull right knee towards your chest, squeezing your abs in the process. Switch to your other knee, pulling the right out as you bring the left knee in. Run your knees alternately, breathing in and out with every switch.

2. Plank Tuck Jumps for Protruding Belly

Plank tuck jumps are effective in toning the core. Use a non-slip mat for this exercise. Start in a plank position, with hands aligned directly under the shoulders. Keeping your hands planted, jump forward, your feet landing below your glutes. Jump back to the initial plank position. 

3. Single-leg, Single-arm Reach for Thighs

This move works well for targeting the thigh area, but it also engages the glutes. Begin by standing on your left leg. Raise right arm forward. Then, lower torso while lifting right leg behind. Contract hamstrings, squeeze glutes and keep hips still as you return to standing position. Repeat with the other leg.

4. Abdominal Crunch for Weak Core 

Start by lying on your back with knees bent. Flatten feet onto the floor, keeping them at hip-width distance. Next, position hands behind the head, keeping fingers unlaced. Hold elbows out on the sides. Keep your chin tilted, only several inches away from your chest. Then, pull your abs in, curling up forward to lift your neck and shoulder blades off the floor. Hold the movement before lowering back down slowly.

5. Double Pull for Loose Arm Muscles

For this workout, you'll need a SkiErg. Check out Concept2 SkiErg from Indoor Sport Services.

To begin, stand with your feet apart at shoulder-width distance, less than a metre away from the equipment, knees bent a little. Reach for the handles and pull arms down straight, moving backwards to the direction of your backside. As you do so, perform a squat, hinging forward from your hips and flattening your back. Go back to standing position, raising arms overhead, and immediately repeat.

6. Strategic Walking Lunges for Glutes

You can utilize a treadmill to sculpt your backside by performing walking lunges. It's suggested to incorporate this workout in your warm up or cool down after cardio. Increase the incline to 15% and decrease speed to about two to three miles an hour. Step forward in a long stride and bend down with the front knee. Switch with the other leg and repeat. Do this constantly for three minutes.

If you plan on working out at home but don't have a treadmill, consider renting the PaceMill Treadmill, a sleek and space-saving machine from Indoor Sports Services. Hiring is also very convenient since the treadmill will be delivered right at your doorstep and collected when you're done. 

7. Weighted Dips for Weak Chest

This exercise is an advanced variation of chest dips that should only be attempted by those who already have stable upper body strength. Usually, weighted dips are done on parallel bars or a dip machine, with weight plates attached on a weighted dip belt.

Start with your dip belt wrapped around your waist and the weight plate clipped onto the chain. Mount the dip bar. Next, hold onto the mounted bar, keeping elbows locked and holding the body at approximately an arm's length. Lower your body and inhale. Move forward slightly, flaring out elbows to the sides. Stretch your chest, exhale, and then push upwards to the initial position. Repeat. Do at least two sets of 10 reps, resting for a few minutes in between.

8. Indoor Cycling for Thin Legs

Cycling works the quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves and hip flexors. If you want to make your legs as toned and muscular as those of a professional cyclist, get on a stationary bike and start cycling. Here are some recommendations: the Wattbike Trainer, Wattbike Pro, and Assault Airbike.

This exercise is quite self-explanatory. However, here are a few reminders. When you start, adjust the seat and handlebars. Keep a proper posture and form throughout the workout. Moreover, just pedaling won't tone your legs so heighten the intensity by going faster or increasing the bike's resistance setting. You can also opt for interval training by moving from easy to harder resistance every several minutes.

Problem Solved

Remember, whether your goal is to build muscle or lose weight, keeping your body proportioned is a must. Therefore, don't overdo the targeted exercises. Limit each to twice or thrice a week and incorporate them in a full-body workout routine.

Moreover, using efficient and reliable equipment is necessary to avoid compromising the quality of your workout. Accordingly, Indoor Sport Services provides top-of-the-line machines that are guaranteed to support the intensity of your exercises. For inquiries, drop a message on our official website.

Published at: 10-01-2019
Tags: types of workout target problem areas

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