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8 Common Gym Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Go to the gym, lift some weights, jog for a few minutes on the treadmill, and take a gym selfie to record your progress. If that workout program was effective, just about everyone in the world would be fit right now. 

People think that simply breaking a sweat daily and cutting down on calories are enough to get them closer to their fitness goals, but this is a grave misconception. This is the kind of approach that provides minimal results can even hinder progress by causing muscle imbalances and injuries.

Whether you’re planning to workout at the gym or at the comfort of your own home, be vigilant and take note of these common mistakes.

1. Skipping warm up and cool down

Warming up helps your muscles and joints prepare for the strenuous movements you’ll perform later in your workout. Build the habit of jogging, doing some jumping jacks, and stretching before a workout. This will prevent your muscles from being overwhelmed and help you prepare yourself mentally for your workout session.   

2. Forgetting to hydrate

The importance of drinking water before, during, and after working cannot be understated. While you’re working out, your body loses an incredible amount of water at an accelerated speed. If you don’t replace the water you’ve lost, dehydration can lead to setbacks such as headaches, fatigue, and cramps, preventing you from having a productive workout.

Staying hydrated will help you get going through your sets because it replaces the nutrients and electrolytes you’ve sweated out while lubricating your joints in the process. Drinking water is the best way to ensure optimal performance and efficient exercise.

3. Knowing the function of each gym equipment

When it comes to gym equipment, appearances can be deceiving.

Knowing the main function of each equipment can help you form a strategic work out plan. There are some gyms that have areas filled with equipment designated for muscle groups, but some gyms have a mixed setup without any guides on how to use them.

If your gym is the latter example, taking the time to know what muscle group a machine hits will help you out.

Don’t waste a lot of energy by making a mistake. If you’re planning to build a personalized home setup, Indoor Sport Services offers gym equipment for hire!

4. Having the wrong form or technique

While it may feel good to be able to do a lot of reps, doing it the wrong way can have a lot of consequences.

Exercises were built to be able to target specific muscle groups. For biceps, did you know that your bicep is made of two distinct parts: the long head and the short head? Compromising your form may end up strengthening one area of your muscle while neglecting the other parts. 

You should be extremely wary of your form, especially if you are doing compound exercises. Doing things incorrectly can hinder your results and can possibly cause injuries. One thing to always keep in mind: it’s better to do 5 reps correctly than to do 12 reps erroneously. 

5. Lifting the wrong weight

Heaviest isn’t always best. Lifting the wrong weight will compromise your technique and will tire you out quickly. 

Before you increase the weight of your reps, you should know the workout by heart and perform it with a full range of motion. If you need some help or clarification, don’t be afraid to approach a trainer. You may save yourself from possible joint injuries and muscle tears.

Always remember this: It’s always better to use a lighter weight with the right form than to lift a heavier load poorly.

6. Taking recovery for granted

We love that you are a hard worker, but you should take some days off. Pushing yourself past your limit can make you too tired to go to the gym. Scheduling some downtime (performing exercises at a lower intensity) every few weeks and having the right amount of rest will help you maintain your longevity in the gym.

Your recovery is just as important as your workout. While working out can help you burn fat or build muscles, what you consume is a big factor in defining your body’s appearance. Managing your calorie intake and getting good quality sleep will help your body recover and put you in a better mood!

7. Not following a definite program

Rather than just throwing random exercises together, it’s important to go to the gym with a plan. Set a weekly schedule that will allow you to target all your major muscle groups while balancing the other demands of your life. A sample program can include a chest workout on Monday, legs on Tuesday, and so on and so forth.

Following your workout schedule can be a bit tricky for many since a lot of unexpected events can occur in your life. If you couldn’t go to the gym for some reason, having a schedule will make it easier for you to adjust and address the muscle group you weren’t able to exercise.

8. Just going through the motions

Going through the motions won’t make going to the gym a pleasurable experience. Mentally prepare before your workout so you don’t end up wasting your time and energy for nothing. Trying out different workouts can help you shake off the plateau and keep the excitement going.

Reach Your Fitness Goals

Achieving your fitness goals can be a straight path when you make use of effective methods with the right amount of consistency. It’s easy to get distracted but mistakes can be minimised by being aware of potential errors. Take the time to research workouts, stretches, and diets to be able to achieve the results you want!

If you can’t find the time to go to the gym, try building your gym setup in the comfort of your own home! Indoor Sport Services provides safe and top of the line gym equipment best suited for your needs.

Published at: 01-01-1970
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