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7 Best Indoor Exercise Bikes in 2019

Keeping in tip-top shape can be a challenge these days, particularly when you have limited time to head over to the gym and spend an hour or two sweating it out. Good thing, you have the option to work out indoors.

Exercising at home is now common for many who need to squeeze working out into their busy day. It’s now easier than ever to set up a small makeshift gym inside your home with all the fitness equipment such as plates, kettlebells, and an indoor bike that you can rent or purchase for your weight training and cardio needs.

An indoor bike trainer is arguably one of the best cardio machines you can own, particularly if you are looking for a low-impact exercise that won’t be hard on your knees. It can also improve joint mobility while helping you lose weight with regular use. You won’t even have to be at risk of getting into an accident compared with cycling outdoors.

If you’re on the lookout for an indoor bike, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best you can set your sights on by category:

Upright Exercise Bikes

1. Assault Airbike

Assault AirbikeImage from Indoor Sport Services

The Assault Airbike was designed by a team of dedicated fitness engineers with the help of feedback coming from enthusiasts, fitness club owners, trainers, and physical therapists. It’s easily the best in its class with its high-quality manufacturing.

The bike is made with a high-tensile steel frame that’s sealed with a layer of industrial powder coating paint. To guarantee its unquestionable durability, all its moving parts are equipped with sealed cartridge bearings for long-lasting, maintenance-free use.

The console display is fitted with a crisp LCD screen that’s packed with features, making it easier for you to hop onto it without much fuss or customize the settings according to your liking. You can go for high-intensity interval training sessions, set target distance goals, or watt training. It also features integrated messaging to help inspire you throughout your workout.

2. Life Fitness C3 Go Upright Lifecycle

Life Fitness C3 Go Upright Lifecycle

Image from Amazon

Life Fitness’ C3 Go Upright Lifecycle is a solidly built, gym-quality upright exercise bike that boasts of a 400-pound capacity so you’re sure that it can take a significant amount of abuse from your workout sessions. If you do manage to get the better of this indoor bike, there’s no need to worry since you’re backed by exceptional lifetime frame warranty and three-year parts warranty.

The C3 Go Upright Lifecycle has a contoured riding position and large cushioned seat to give you a more comfortable ride. Its self-powered feature means you don’t have to plug it into an electrical outlet. With 20 levels of resistance, heart rate monitoring feature, and 14 programmed workouts, this indoor bike is perfect both for beginners and intermediate users.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

3. Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

Image from TopFitnessMag

The R616 Recumbent Bike by Nautilus, Inc. has the perfect combination of features and quality in terms of price. It comes with 25 resistance levels and 29 different exercise programs. The Bluetooth feature can be used to connect using its own fitness app. In addition, this exercise bike also sports a media shelf, a USB charging port, telemetry monitoring, and a three-speed adjustable fan.

4. SOLE LCR Exercise Bike

SOLE LCR Exercise Bike

Image from Amazon

As one of the more popular brands, SOLE dishes out another high-quality exercise equipment with their LCR Exercise Bike. Marketed for ‘light commercial use,’ it’s frame is made of heavy-duty steel, making it strong enough to withstand heavy use for long periods of time.

This bike boasts of 40 levels of resistance, so you can fine-tune your workout sessions at the intensity according to your strength level. It also has 10 workout programs with customizable heart rate exercises. The bike’s built-in speakers and fan can help you feel comfortable while being entertained. Its Bluetooth ready feature can sync with your favourite fitness apps.

Indoor Cycling Bikes

5. Wattbike


Image from Indoor Sport Services

Both the Wattbike Pro and Trainer have revolutionised indoor cycling trainer with their ultra-robust frames that can stand up to training sessions from the world’s strongest athletes. These bikes are incredibly versatile, making them equally at home on the side of a football pitch and inside your house. These bikes are impressively accurate, so it’s guaranteed that you can make the most out of your data every time you give it a go.

6. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

Image from Amazon

The Keiser M3i is the first indoor cycling and spinning bike that features a Bluetooth wireless computer where data from exercise sessions can be projected onto a display. An app also allows riders to download data from the bike’s computer to their smartphone or tablet.

In terms of accuracy, the Keiser M3i is also the first to pass ISO certification of an EU safety organization. This means you are receiving accurate feedback about your workout within +10% range. The sleek design combined with its cutting-edge technology makes this a bike like no other.

7. Concept2 BikeErg

Concept2 BikeErg

Image from Indoor Sport Services

Developed by the exercise equipment experts at Concept2, the BikeErg is a new indoor exercise bike that utilizes similar technology as the popular rowing machine and SkiErg.

The bike is built around the flywheel air resistance, creating a ride that feels closer to the open road. It has a wide range of settings you can customise according to your personal preference. You can make adjustments to the saddle, handlebars, and pedals. More customisation can be made when you switch to your preferred seats and pedals to enhance your performance and comfort.

Start pedalling away on an indoor bike so you can begin your journey to fitness at home without having to pay for an expensive gym membership. To make sure you pick the right indoor bike with high-quality specs, you can choose from a great selection to rent gym equipment from Indoor Sport Services.

Published at: 05-10-2019

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