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5 Reasons Why You Need A Pro to Install Your Fitness Equipment

Whether you’re just getting into exercise or you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast, you may have been considering getting a selection of fitness equipment to support your home workouts. It can be pretty exciting once you find the right set up to fit your needs—but this can quickly turn into frustration when you begin assembling the parts.

Building your new sports equipment can become very challenging, requiring more than the average level of DIY skill. In some cases, it can even pose the threat of accidents if you miss an essential step or are unable to do it properly. As such, it’s much better to hire a pro to get your indoor bicycle or treadmill working in the desired condition.

Likewise, if you rent equipment for your indoor gym, leasing companies will have a professional perform the assembly and mounting for you. This is part of their service to ensure that everything’s hassle-free on your end. Plus, you can be sure that your equipment will all be running in tip-top shape.

Here are more reasons why you need to get an expert to do the work for you.

1. Fitness equipment experts are trained by manufacturers.

This is not just about being able to handle the weight of your equipment. Not all instruction manuals are made to be understood by regular customers. Some of them are made for professionals who can understand the language of the product, like specs and machine parts. Having a pro do the assembly for you will speed up the installation process and save you from a headache trying to figure out where certain parts go.

2. It prevents any chance of damages.

Things may not always go as smoothly as you plan if you attempt assembling on your own. You could unknowingly damage the product or hurt yourself somewhere along the way in your workout. Poor assembly could also shorten the lifespan of your equipment, causing it to break or malfunction fast. If you let the pros handle everything from start to finish, they can tell you if you indeed received a defective item. Otherwise, they can fix up your equipment without breaking a sweat.

3. It keeps the warranty valid.

Most fitness equipment comes with a long warranty; however, improper use or mishandling the product can void this guarantee. This could quickly be done by using the wrong parts or damaging a part during self-installation. Many fitness stores and brands work with delivery personnel who are also authorized to piece the product together. They can even authenticate that the equipment is eligible for regular maintenance and repairs covered under warranty.

Warranty is extremely useful against paying expensive repair or replacement fees for manufacturing defects or the natural wear and tear of a product. Save yourself from an unwanted financial burden in the future by hiring an equipment installation professional.

4. It reduces the risk of injury.

One of the worst things that can happen while you handle the equipment yourself is obtaining injuries. This could occur in countless ways: while carrying the massive package, holding some sharp parts, or installing the wrong parts. What’s worse, you might think that you did a great job, but later on the equipment malfunctions while you’re using it.

With a professional under your wing, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. They will perform checks and test the product for any defects to make sure that it’s safe to use before letting you try it out. You’ll surely have peace of mind before starting your workout.

5. It can save you money in the long run.

A word of caution: Should you go ahead with assembling by yourself, you will have to shoulder any repair fees or replacements you request from the store. As mentioned earlier, this could also void your warranty. Granted, getting a technician to set up your equipment will cost you a bit of money, but treat it as an investment against unwanted bills in the future. Don’t scrimp on yourself here. Remember: You’re also putting money on your safety and the longevity of the product, so it’s a win-win!

Don’t Worry, Train Safely!

Hiring gym equipment for your home means that you’ve taken that next step in committing to your fitness journey. Sit back, relax, and let the experts do their job. All you have to do now is to focus on your fitness routine and health plans. You’ll be sure that you’re in good hands with an expert helping you out. Who knows, you could even get tips from them for some workout routines. Train safely!

Published at: 06-05-2019

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