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5 Business Advantages of Having an Office Gym

Being in top shape allows you to enjoy different things in life, but there’s no denying that many of today’s activities and practices may be detrimental to people’s wellbeing.

For instance, an office job sounds like a relatively safe thing to do, but sitting and staying sedentary for hours means that they have little movement throughout the day, which isn’t ideal for the body either.

Each person has the responsibility to look after their health, but you, as the employer, has the conferred interest in promoting a healthy workplace, which can be done by offering gym benefits to employees or having one in the office itself.

Having an office gym helps employees achieve their fitness goals and is beneficial to their employers, as well. Here are some of those benefits:

1. Lessens absenteeism

The benefits of regular exercise for one’s health cannot be stressed enough.

When employees are healthy all year round, they become less susceptible to illnesses, which means more days at work and better productivity. They also get to relieve themselves from the fatigue caused by sitting all day—as cardio will jumpstart a healthy heart, while stretching will ease aches and pain.

Decreased absenteeism due to a healthy workforce also means lower turnover rates and reduced sick days that can cut costs.

2. Reduces stress

Most, if not all, businesses are high-pressure environments, and this can easily lead to stress. In addition, sitting almost all day in front of a computer screen can cause fatigue on the neck, back, wrist, and arms, as well as eyestrain. You should understand that a stressed employee may be unsatisfied with their job, and will eventually leave if given a chance.

Going to the gym is an easy way to relieve the stress and fatigue. They also get to enjoy its weight loss benefits, along with lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

When you exercise, your heart rate rises, your blood flow improves, and norepinephrine hormones are released to relieve stress, enhance your mood, and even make the brain function better.  

In addition, you can also offer tips on ergonomics for desk-bound workers to reduce stress, fatigue, and strain.

3. Job satisfaction

A healthy employee with less stress is a productive one, and therefore, may have a greater appreciation for his work.

The fact that the company is offering gym perks can also be a source of satisfaction because it shows you care about your employees’ wellbeing and are not turning a blind eye on their personal needs.

When an employee continues to find satisfaction with his job, turnover decreases and retention improves. A gym office can also be a good selling point for the company when it comes to recruiting great talents.

4. Cuts healthcare costs

Healthy employees spend less on healthcare than sickly ones in terms of both the price they pay themselves and the ones shouldered by employers through the healthcare provisions of employee contracts.

According to studies, between 70 to 90% of healthcare spending is caused by problems associated with the workers’ unhealthy lifestyle.

In the US, businesses reportedly lose more than $1 trillion due to poor employee productivity caused by health reasons each year. Employers believe that when employees maintain good health through regular exercise, it saves them major costs. That is why offering benefits like an office gym or gym membership can significantly cut your expenditure incurred on medical provisions.

5. Motivates employees

A corporate perk like gym membership can be a good motivation for employees to start being healthy and enjoy the other benefits mentioned. Once employees are more energetic due to regular exercise, they are also happier, as working out is known to promote the release of endorphins or mood-elevating hormones. Happy employees are more productive and thus, improve their overall performance at work.  

It can also motivate them to collaborate, which is better and more appealing to your customers. So, if you want to improve overall company productivity and customer service for higher profits, investing in a corporate gym is an excellent place to start.

Get Moving Today

Employees and employers share the responsibility of taking care of each other. Workers get to be in top shape while you yield positive results as well. You should make it easy for the workforce to find the time to exercise so that they have the energy and motivation to be productive at work.

In addition, you should be wary of the things that may bring stress, fatigue, and frustration to your workers, which can negatively impact their wellbeing and job satisfaction, and result in poor overall performance and possibly a high turnover rate.

It’s vital for them to blow off steam that may be caused by the work environment, and this can be done by investing in a corporate fitness program.

An office gym is not only good for the body, but also creates an atmosphere that shows that employees are valued and appreciated. Set up your office gym today by availing of the inexpensive gym equipment for sale at Indoor Sport Services and improve the lives of your business’ most valuable resources today.

Published at: 09-11-2019

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