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10 Creative Office Gym Ideas to Promote Fitness in the Workplace

The challenge is on for modern-day employers to provide an engaging and stimulating environment within the workplace, and what better place to start than with offering lunchtime fitness classes or an office gym?  Research studies suggest that an office gym is even one of the most important factors in providing a satisfying workplace, needless to say, that the benefits of improved fitness extends to both employee and employer.

As an employer, you may choose to build a fitness gym in your headquarters and rent gym equipment for your employees to use. Having an office gym can boost your employees’ productivity and ability to manage stress as they adopt an active, healthy lifestyle. They can work out before or after office hours right within the confines of their workplace. It’s a great, convenient way to help your employees achieve work-life balance without them having to worry about membership expenses or finding a nearby fitness club. Alternatively, you can have a dedicated area where employees can play their favourite sport or pastime.

With this trend catching on in both corporate and SME workplaces, you won’t have any trouble looking for design or concept inspirations for your fitness club. You can be as creative and innovative as you want, as long as you stick to your goal of helping your employees stay in shape.

Here are some ideas you might want to incorporate in your office gym or sports and activity area.

1. Cycling stations

Cycling stations

Image from mode:lina studio

Setting up cycling stations in your office can encourage your employees to pick up their laptops and move about instead of staying on their desk all the time. When this healthy habit becomes normal routine, their energy levels may increase. At the same time, their mental functions will improve as they’re able to think more clearly and concentrate on their tasks.

2. Indoor rowing

Indoor rowing

Image from Coach Mag

By placing rowing machines in your office gym, your employees are sure to experience a low impact total body workout as they strengthen their legs, core, and arms while developing their coordination skills at the same time.

3. Track-and-field-inspired hallways

Track-and-field-inspired hallways

Image from Cannon Design

You can transform traditional hallways into something that mimics a track-and-field oval with line markings and a suitable running surface. This should get your employees to be up on their feet and do some sprinting to improve their agility and strengthen their legs and ankles.

4. In-room play area

In-room play area

Image from RS Barcelona

In between breaks, employees may use your recreation or activity room to play a game or two of table tennis, pool, or other forms of indoor sport. These are fun ways to relieve stress and monotony at work, and it also brings together employees with similar interests.

5. Pull-up bars

Pull-up bars

Image from Onion

Pull-up bars can help you make good use of every inch of space in your office, including walls and ceilings. Pull-ups can be a good form of workout for your employees, with focus on the muscles at the arms, shoulders, and back. Just make sure to leave a good amount of clearance when you get the bars mounted, so users don’t hit their head against the ceiling when exercising.

6. Floating hammock

Floating hammock

Image from Pinterest

Aerial yoga hammocks can provide users with a sense of fluidity and strength as they float, fly, and swing with silk fabric wrapped around their body. With renewed vigour, your yoga enthusiast employees will be in better shape than ever before.

7. Dance studio

Dance studio

Image from Pinterest

Turn up the music in your dance studio, and let the office dance party begin. Dancing is a fun and effective cardio workout as it gets the heart pumping while helping one burn those extra calories. You can have designated days for Zumba, hip-hop, or freestyle dancing in your office dance studio—whatever suits your employees’ style.

8. Fully equipped gym

Fully equipped gym

Image from Forbes

A fully equipped gym with a wide range of machines, locker rooms, and shower can be a real haven for your health and fitness buff employees. You could throw in rows of treadmills, bench presses, stationary bicycles, elliptical trainers, and the like on your gym floor. These machines are good for employees who are trying to work out specific muscles. Meanwhile, the free weight section of the gym may include dumbbells, medicine balls, and kettlebells for those who get a kick out of lifting.

9. Training gym

Training gym

Image from Melissa Floyd Photography

A training gym is ideal for employees who want to do bodyweight exercises whether individually or by groups. Be sure to provide ample space for squats, planks, and push-ups to make your employees feel comfortable while they train with their fitness goals in mind.

10. Combat sport club 

Combat sport club

Image from Pinterest

Some of your employees may fancy combat sports, such as boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. A fighting club of sort can provide them with the proper venue to train in these sports, so be sure that they have everything they need—a boxing ring, heavy bags, speedballs, headgear, body protectors, battle ropes, and more. Your employees may want to engage in friendly sparring sessions, but make sure there’s a professional instructor around to prevent injury.

Office Gym and Fitness in the Workplace

As a business owner, you have a stake in your employees’ health and well-being. When your employees are fit to work, they’re more engaged, focused, and positive.

Giving them access to an office gym isn’t just an innovative solution toward this goal but it’s also cost-effective for your business. You can give your employees the full amenities of an office gym at a lesser cost when you hire gym equipment from Indoor Sport Services. We have state-of-the-art machines and equipment that will surely motivate your employees to start or end their day in a healthy and productive manner.

Published at: 13-11-2019

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